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The start of our journey goes back to a visit to Rockyleigh Murray Grey cattle stud back in 2000, over twenty years ago.
We were looking for one Murray Grey bull; by the time we left we had purchased the bull, Rockyleigh Victory, and also two registered stud cows - both with calves at foot. The owners of Rockyleigh Murray Greys, Ms. Joan Heard and Muriel Morrish, remain good friends and advisors to this day. 
Another line of cattle we purchased were from Mt.View Murray Greys. It was Mr. Allan Pate who encouraged Robert to show the Royal Melbourne show in 2005.
Robert took along Rockyleigh Saturn, she was the heifer calf at foot on Skylark. Although this smart young heifer finished towards the bottom end of the Judging, when she went to the Bendigo Beef show, she won the Interbreed for her class.
When we were members of the Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society, we attended almost every Premier sale purchasing cattle from well-known Studs, some being Michaelong, Monterey, Saber, and Woodbourn. Although some of our best cattle today are from Mt. View and Rockyleigh.

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